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Magnitude four.5 earthquake felt right by way of Bay Field

A magnitude 4.five earthquake shook up the San Francisco Bay Box early Thursday.

It became felt proper by the use of the station, and will very effectively be felt for apparently 5 to 10 seconds. Come the San Francisco International Airport, a lot of jolts would possibly possibly most probably additionally very effectively be felt.

The earthquake became focused alongside the Oakland-Berkeley border, proper north of the Claremont Resort. The epicenter of the earthquake is inside the station of the Hayward fault, one among necessarily essentially the most feared inside the Bay Box, which would possibly possibly invent a magnitude 7 or increased earthquake and is at once underneath in moderation populated spaces.

A magnitude 4.five earthquake is now not expected to motive maximum indispensable injure, mentioned U.S. Geological Watch seismologist Robert Sanders. Quiet, “there’s time and again a chance of a few minor injure to older constructions inside the station.”

The shaking became solid plentiful to wake people up when the earthquake hit at 2:37 a.m. One individual in San Francisco mentioned it became solid plentiful to knock symbol frames from the wall.

The earthquake became felt as a long way away as San Francisco, Marin County, Sonoma County and Silicon Valley. Some Bay Box citizens reported that the earthquake woke them up.

The Hayward fault features favorable underneath Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward and Fremont and produces a mountainous earthquake, on sensible, each 100 and sixty years, with a margin of error of about 80 years. It’s been 100 and fifty years given that Hayward fault ultimate ruptured, unleashing an lots of earthquake.

The Hayward fault’s maximum memorable earthquake in recorded historic earlier became in 1868, and is estimated to hang been a magnitude 6.8 earthquake — rupturing 20 miles of the fault’s measurement between San Leandro to what is now the Heat Springs group of Fremont, in keeping with the USGS. It killed about 30 people and offered on large assets injure, together with the collapse of the Alameda County Courthouse’s second ground and heavy injure at the historic Challenge San Jose adobe church in southern Fremont.

The Hayward fault is considered as one of the country’s maximum dangerous faults on legend of it’s miles located at once below the city amenities of the East Bay, together with Memorial Stadium at UC Berkeley and a now-shuttered setting up that previously housed Hayward City Corridor, which is slowly being torn up by way of fault movement.

A USGS area for a 7.0 earthquake at the Hayward fault envisions it rupturing for 50 two miles from San Pablo Bay to Fremont. It’s going to motive one side of the fault to switch 4 toes from the other. Many structures, together with flats, unruffled sit at once on best of the fault line, and had been constructed quicker than a expose law handed in 1972 prohibiting distinctive building or gigantic renovation on best of earthquake faults.

On its internet web page, the USGS calls the Hayward fault the station’s “tectonic time bomb,” which would possibly possibly “motive a complete bunch of deaths, streak away 1000’s homeless and devastate the station’s monetary machine.”

In 2016, David Schwartz, a U.S. Geological Watch geologist, mentioned in an interview that above the Hayward fault are “two million those who at once live on best of it. It sits geographically inside the heart of the Bay Box. There’s a positive quantity of infrastructure constructed up on it — water systems, fuel, electric, BART crosses it — so a mountainous tournament on that fault is appreciate hitting the bull’s gape on a association.”




three:35 a.m.: Up-to-the-minute with context regarding the Hayward fault.

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