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Justin Timberlake leads a tech keynote in 2028 within the video for Filthy

Every week, a slew of provide song movies hits the win. Gazing them at your table isn’t very time robbery as a result of you deserve it; call to mind it as an unbelievable praise for surviving one different paintings week. However what whilst you don’t like time to behold each and every video — possibly it’s possible you’ll possibly most likely want a decrease-off date, a hungry puppy, or various grown-up considerations. In attention of your agenda, Lizzie and Kaitlyn elevate you a chain referred to as One Video. Every week we’ll negate you “one video” it’s possible you’ll wish to at all times behold, why, and for the way long.

This Week’s Video: “Filthy” by means of Justin Timberlake

Lizzie: Previous this week, Justin Timberlake introduced his first album in 4 years, titled Guy throughout the Woods. The data become met with relatively a lot of Bon Iver jokes, as a result of Justin Vernon owns the thematic perception of the woods as musical inspiration, and discover at this album artwork:


Sadly for Bon Iver lovers, and for lovers of that SNL skit, JT’s new song “Filthy” sounds not anything like Justin Vernon or any of his snowy, pine-scented side projects.

Kaitlyn: I don’t severely care regarding the happiness of Bon Iver lovers, or pine scents after January 1st, however I succeed in enjoyment of surprises. We selected this video for you this week as a result of Justin Timberlake, amid many sins of artwork and trade and facial muscle groups, deal shocked us by means of freeing, now not a tribute to flannel and all its glory, however a peculiar clip diagram in 2028 at some more or less robotics conference. The woods? I don’t leer ‘em, good friend.

We additionally selected it because of the beginning of January is a time when many of us aren’t freeing new song movies, so the tips had been small, and as a result of, whilst you take into consideration it, had been 2028 to be the 365 days of vaguely frustrating dancing robots and that’s it — beautiful proper! I achieve it arduous to suppose that robots aren’t already plentiful of noteworthy extra and lots extra and lots worse, however I’ll reside on this myth for a second with you.

Who is Justin Timberlake?

Lizzie: Justin Timberlake is a Mouseketeer-turned-pop-basic person-turned-actor-turned-comedian-turned-pop-basic consumer. He performed a chef smitten by means of uncooked greens throughout the Lonely Island film Popstar. He become additionally throughout the film Trolls.

Justin’s now not recognized for having relatively a lot of his like tips, so on this video he’s channeling Steve Jobs with an Adidas sponsorship.

Kaitlyn: One thing I’ll by means of no approach relatively understand about Steve Jobs is why such a lot of dude pop stars are huge into him. I didn’t know it about Justin Timberlake prior to nowadays time, however he’s now not alone, and Steve Jobs could also be a primary supply of inspiration — or as a minimum repeated reference — for Chance the Rapper, Bono, Kanye West, the Brockhampton boys, and Jay Z.

This is unrelated, however he additionally inspired the A-deliver of a season Five episode of Bravo’s Vanderpump Regulations, wherein Stassi Schroeder went in a scorching bathtub throughout the Hamptons in a turtleneck bathing swimsuit and a boy who become having a look out to flirt along side her mentioned she gave the affect of Steve Jobs. They didn’t kiss! Justin Timberlake’s necessary different Jessica Biel owns a cafe in Los Angeles positioned very finish to the eating place Vanderpump Regulations is diagram in. Hers is referred to as Au Fudge, that approach, “the fudge,” and the only in Vanderpump Regulations is referred to as SUR: Eating place and Living room, that approach “Attractive Unfamiliar Eating place: Eating place and Living room.”

What’s specific about “Filthy” by means of Justin Timberlake:

Lizzie: The video for “Filthy” is the general scene of a fantasy a couple of wealthy and lonely tech CEO who invents a slender and insensible robotic plentiful of dancing to anything else. Justin’s personality proves this by means of forcing the robotic to bop to “Filthy,” which in large part feels like chewing steel while paying attention to an extinct Justin Timberlake song. Within the tip, we’re left with an an important message: the robotic is extra actual than all folks.


Kaitlyn: To me, this video is restricted as a result of apparently to be like adore it mark more money than I will be able to ever also be in a position to conceive of in my existence, and what we bought in change become a number of long mins of Justin Timberlake and a robotic dancing to a song that sounds similar to the Disney Channel TV film style of Hedwig and the Angry Boost up.

It’s specific, whilst you would possibly possibly most likely want a God complicated, to similar to the ability to do a robotic mimic your each and every switch with no improvisation, then kick a football ball at an blameless bystander’s head. It’s specific that during 2028, a girl’s bring at a tech keynote is “wearing something glossy, dancing for newshounds and builders.”

It’s specific that, regardless that this video is ready Justin Timberlake achieving his ultimate fabricate as “Steve Jobs if he had pounded a Five-Hour Energy and 14 Pixie Sticks for each and every meal of his existence,” the whole factor supplies off a decided Android vibe. In reality, 20 seconds into my first viewing of this video, an onlooker mentioned to me, “Justin Timberlake for sure has an Android telephone,” and I couldn’t disagree.

How long everyone can love to mute behold “Filthy” by means of Justin Timberlake:

Lizzie: It feels immoral to negate someone to behold the whole lot of a keynote presentation except for they’re getting paid for it, however I articulate that it’s possible you’ll love to mute as a minimum behold the actual second the robotic turns right into a sex icon, around the four-minute heed.


Kaitlyn: I similar to the top fragment the place Justin realizes he’s a hologram and his hands open to vanish.

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