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Bode Miller apologizes for blaming gold medalist’s struggles on husband

Bode Miller, the used Olympian and recent NBC commentator, has apologized for comments he made about Austrian skier Anna Veith’s potency in this 12 months’s Iciness Olympics.

“The knee isn’t any doubt a verbalize. I want to stage out she additionally bought married,” Miller stated live on air Thursday as NBC aired the primary plug of the ladies’s massive slalom. “It’s traditionally very entertaining to plug on International Cup with a circle of relatives or after being married. Now not to blame the spouses, however I factual want to toss that to be had, that it is going to be her husband’s fault.”

Miller — a important-time Olympics announcer — fleet drew a backlash on Twitter, along with his comments being dubbed sexist and off-injurious. Veith suffered serious knee injuries years in the past, swiftly after award-a hit runs throughout the Tidy-G and the astronomical slalom from 2014-15. She’s had a couple of top-three finishes in International Cup occasions throughout the time since her injure, and ranked with the 15th quickest time in Thursday’s first plug.

It didn’t grab extended for Miller, a six-time medal winner, to backpedal on live TV, seemingly in realization that he’d made a mistake. “Yeah, I negate remorseful about,” he stated, including that the remark was once “an in uncomfortable health-told attempt” at joking. “I was an athlete that competed after marriage and I know how useful it is. I know the make stronger staff you would like. I trusted my visitors and circle of relatives. And on every occasion you are going to possess the luxurious of depending on a partner I know they are inevitably your largest supporter. And on Valentine’s Day I didn’t imply to throw spouses under the bus. Utterly, I’m going to be listening to it from my partner, I know.”

Miller affirmed on Twitter that his comments about Veith have been supposed to be funny and went directly to discover the verbalize of modified priorities. “To be evident I was now not seriously blaming Anna Veith’s loss of results on her husband,” he outlined. “It’s a changing of priorities this is traditionally tricky, male or feminine.” He then added that he’s conscious about having the make stronger of a partner “is at the entire an enormous asset.”

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