A fresh lawsuit says Harvey Weinstein employed a female entourage of ‘bolt girls’ to support him meet young girls, and disclose his assistants easy the trend to scent and dress to his liking

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  • A contemporary lawsuit alleges Harvey Weinstein hired an
    “entourage” of “bolt ladies” at the company’s payroll to improve
    him meet ladies “with whom he’ll additionally try and set in sexual
  • Those “bolt ladies” would additionally allegedly divulge
    Weinstein’s feminine assistants simple the rage to decorate and odor to his

Since October, dozens of women collect accused movie manufacturer Harvey
Weinstein of sexual harassment and attack, and a emblem contemporary lawsuit
alleges he was assisted via a feminine entourage — “bolt ladies” —
who The Weinstein Company hired to improve him meet ladies at
events, and who taught his assistants simple the rage to decorate (or even
odor) to his liking.

A lawsuit filed
Sunday via Recent York communicate Approved professional Widespread Eric Schneiderman
towards The Weinstein Company claims there was a classy
apparatus to permit Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct over
a very long time, and that the company did not as it should be reprimand
its former CEO.

One broad draw the lawsuit alleges TWC enabled Weinstein’s behavior
was via the use of ladies to accompany him to events and aid
facilitate his movements, is called his “roster” or “bolt

“While they might varied titles, as a useful topic their
primary accountability integrated taking [Weinstein] to events at
which he’ll additionally meet younger ladies, and introducing him to younger
ladies attempting to find possible choices at [The Weinstein Company] with whom
he’ll additionally try and set in sexual kin,” the lawsuit

The lawsuit claims those ladies were on payroll inside the company’s
Recent York, Los Angeles, and London workplaces.

“One in all the individuals of this entourage was flown from London to
Recent York to train HW’s assistants simple the rage to decorate and odor extra
aesthetic” to Weinstein, the lawsuit alleges.

Body of workers were in general hesitant to relate Weinstein, according
to the lawsuit, out of terror of angering him.

“On positive events, company employees expressed considerations about
his unfriendly bills to company accounts, on the other hand will be dissuaded
from following via via terror of angering him,” the lawsuit

On the other hand in 2015, company control asked that the “roster” of
ladies be taken off the payroll, in accordance with the go well with.

“While [Weinstein’s] exhaust of company enjoying playing cards after this 2015
meeting remains beneath investigation, positive individuals of the
‘roster’ remained on employees after that date,” the lawsuit says.

The Weinstein Company was not immediately available for remark.

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Updated: February 13, 2018 — 8:12 am

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