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8 PlayStation Games That Can must aloof be Remade or Remastered – IGN


Proper listed below are the video video games we want on Shawn Layden’s blouse.

On each instance there’s a Sony press conference, there’s often a unmarried perception running by the use of our collective minds:

“What blouse is Shawn Layden going to be sporting?”

Shawn Layden Demand Marks

From Fracture, to Wipeout, to Medieval, Shawn Layden has advanced a reputation for bringing dormant Sony franchises help to lifestyles by the use of the magic of his blouse. With that mentioned, listed here are the eight PlayStation Video games that we’d clutch to seek appear on Shawn Layden’s blouse. Or further particularly, the eight PlayStation video video games that we want remade or remastered.

God Hand

Shinji Mikami’s God Hand was once a divisive sport to inform the least. However something is for certain — there was once not anything else cherish it help in 2006, and there hasn’t been since. The brutal claim in reality scaled the better you carried out. Couple this with a deep struggle gadget and a unusual sense of humor, God Hand was once an unforgettable vintage at the PS2. Plus, wouldn’t or not or not it is efficient to dragon kick some baddies into the milky system in HD?


With the good fortune of Nier Automata, auteur Director Yoko Taro’s authentic storytelling style is in spite of everything getting the spotlight it merits. So, what higher time than now to polish a couple of of that spotlight help on Nier’s predecessor, Drakengard?. A remastered series that includes Drakengard 1 by the use of 3 could be superb for those that factual were given into the series by the use of Nier Automata, and should attempt the origins of its effectively off lore.


Sucker Punch would possibly moreover have moved directly to Ghost of Tsushima, however confidently we haven’t observed the terminate of Heinous. The primary two Heinous video video games keep the most effective tall powered beginning up global flow into video video games to be had throughout the marketplace, and Cole MacGrath will often be one among probably the most iconic PlayStation-borne characters ever.

Legacy of Kain

I speak we’re all lengthy long gone due for a emblem atypical sport throughout the Legacy of Kain series. If that’s not at the horizon, a remastered series should be. The Legacy of Kain video video games featured the most effective writing in video video games — with a quantity of thank you going to Amy Hennig’s paintings at the series, And while the gameplay was once as soon as unexpectedly clunky, they have been aloof the most effective examples of the flow into/jog style throughout the slack ‘90s and early 2000s.

Chrono Substandard

Since the prepare-as so much as Chrono Cause, one among probably the most most standard JRPGs of all time, Chrono Substandard would possibly moreover not have the equivalent mythical state of affairs as its predecessor. But it surely’s aloof regarded as as one among probably the most underrated RPGs of the PS1-generation. Alive to at the many ports and re-releases Chrono Cause has had over time, it’s relatively comely that we’ve by way of no system gotten a remaster of Chrono Substandard, a reality that Sq.-Enix should aloof rectify so further can play this underappreciated sequel.

Fracture Team Racing

Fanatics were hollering for PlayStation’s usual mascot to salvage a comeback for years, and it in spite of everything paid off with the Fracture N.Sane Trilogy. However why end there? Fracture Team Racing was once the PS1’s solution to Mario Kart, and while it didn’t reinvent the cart-racing style, it was once graphically miles ahead of its festival, and was once a shapely rattling factual racer in its have proper.

Spyro the Dragon

Spyro’s proper up there with Fracture as one among probably the most iconic PlayStation mascots. Moreover cherish Fracture, the rights to Spyro now belong to Activision. However, one would should have faith that the good fortune of the N.Sane Trilogy has no not up to opened Activision’s eyes to the facility of a remastered series of the primary 3 Spyro video video games by way of Insomniac. We are hoping that it’s best an issue of time old-fashioned to we’re soaring by the use of the skies with our licensed pink dragon far and wide far and wide once more.

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls was once the beginning basis of the “Soulsborne” style, and even though it was once the primary of the franchise, it’s aloof broadly regarded as as one among the best. It moreover predates the Souls series large recognition explosion in Murky Souls in 2011. That system there’s imaginable a quantity of Souls fanatics to be had throughout the marketplace which have not begun to play Demon’s Souls, which is a tragedy that may neatly even be remedied with a PS4 remaster.

That’s our document, however we ought to understand what you contemplate. Hang forth throughout the feedback about which Sony video video games you aloof ought to seek remastered or remade, and what Shawn Layden will put on to the next honorable Sony conference.

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